Covid19 prevention

Our event was designed on-site. As such Covid19 prevention measures are necessary and useful.

Covid19 prevention measures

  • Prevention measures are taken over from TU Graz.
  • The measures consist of {contact tracing, 1m min. distance everywhere, FFP2 masks in buildings unless you are seated in a lecture hall}


We got notified about a positive Covid19 test of a visitor today. The visitor was on-site between 12:00 and 18:00 on Saturday. The first symptoms occured on Tuesday which is why a test was done.

Since more than 48h between the first symptoms and our event are given, GLT22 visitors are legally no contact persons. Still we encourage you to be cautious and pay attention to any symptoms.


We designed a summary to be used at the event.


TU Graz drops the 2,5G rule starting on 19th of April. We will follow this relaxed measures. An update to our Covid19 prevention concept is not required and won’t be done. We summarize the rules for GLT22 again here:

  • FFP2 masks inside TU Graz buildings are mandatory. You are only allowed to take them off when seated and you maintain a distance of 1m to other people.
  • Minimum distance of 1m other people (lecture hall, workshops, info booths, foodtruck, …)


We now also published our Covid19 prevention concept for maximum transparency. It defines the contract, we negotiated with TU Graz. Also starting tomorrow it will become organizationally impossible to switch to the digital concept. As such the event will take place “on-site” or will be cancelled. But the current situation makes us optimistic.


TU Graz just announced that existing prevention measures are extended until 2022-04-23 (end of eastern). Thus, events can take place. This makes it very likely that Grazer Linuxtage can take place on-site.


Currently, the following measures are compulsory:

  • 2,5G implies a vaccinated, recovered, or tested status. Only PCR tests within 72 hours are accepted. Details are given in the current legal “COVID-19 Maßnahmenverordnung” document. Feel free to contact us for questions.
  • Inside buildings, a FFP2 mask must be worn. Please bring your own. It can be taken off on the outside and if you are seated with a minimum distance of 1m to other people (i.e. inside lecture halls).
  • Desinfektion stations are provided by TU Graz.

The next update is expected next week following an update by TU Graz.

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