General questions

Is particpating at the event free of charge?

Yes, the event is free of charge for everybody.
We are happy about donations or sponsors though.

Do I have to register for GLT?

No. Just drop by if you have time!

Where do the GLT take place?

At the TU Graz in Inffeldgasse 25d, 8010 Graz

What happens at GLT?

We have an official schedule which you can find here. Typically, we have interactive workshops on friday and talks on saturday.

Where do I start my visit?

Go to the frontdesk at Inffeldgasse 25d! There you will get all necessary info, a map and a bag full of great goodies!

What to do if I am hungry?

On Friday the canteen at Inffeldgasse 10 is open from 11:00 until 14:00. On Saturday foodtrucks (with vegan options) will be at the courtyard in front of the building at Inffeldgasse 24, as well as a drink stand and a mobile coffeebar. Supermarkets are nearby. For angels there will be free refreshments.

Are the GLT accessible?

All rooms (except HS i2 in Inffeldgasse 12) and info booths are at ground level or accessible via elevator.

Is there a livestream?

Yes, most talks will be streamed and also recorded and published later on. For talks where this is not the case, you can see a symbol in the online program.

Please note that workshops will not be streamed or recorded.

I found something!

We collect lost property at the front desk. Please just drop it there. Thanks for your support!

I have additional questions!

Pleas contact us or ask at the frontdesk during the event.


Can I help at GLT?

Yes please! Find all information about that here or just drop us an E-Mail!

How can I submit a workshop or a talk?

This can be done via our conference management platform. Please create an account, then you are able to make a submission during the call for participation.

Is there an upper limit of submissions per person?

No, but we probably won’t accept all of your submissions.

How long is a workshop?

Typically between 3 and 5 hours. You can choose the length yourself when submitting.

How long is a talk?

25 or 45 minutes. Please consider that there may also be questions from the audience, which should be discussed within this timeframe; so please limit yourself to 20 or 40 minutes pure talking time, respectively.

How long is an info booth?

Info booths are only available on Saturday. We ask the operators to be available the whole day between 8:00 and 18:00.

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