Info booths of 2022


BearingPoint is leading in management and technology consulting in Austria and has offices in Graz and Vienna. Consulting know-how and competence in technology are united at BearingPoint in a unique matter. We develop digital strategies and business models, we optimize processes and we design IT architectures for leading enterprises in many different branches.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18


At the Anexia info booth you can prove your strength stemming a server. The winner gains a 80cm plush tux! More than that, the people from Anexia inform about open source projects they umplemented in the last years and about jobs at their offices in Graz, Klagenfurt and Vienna.,

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 12


realraum is a place for tinkering, experimenting and much more - a Hacker space for the scope of software, hardware, computers, molecular biology and chemistry.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18

Radio Helsinki

The first radio station in Austria sending legally. By now, we are one of 14 free radios in Austria which are organized in a collection called “Verband Freier Rundfunk Österreich. Free senders offer advertisment-free programs of local communities as a valuable alternative to the mainstream radio senders. Each member of our community receives the possibility to send themselves.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 12


KNAPP brings new technology to warehouse logistics. Working with our customers all over the world, we develop customized solutions. Uniting technological know-how with our long established experience in diverse industries is the key for our successful solutions.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18

Proxmox / ITEAS

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH is developing extensive Enterprise-server-Software like Proxmox Virtual Environment, Proxmox Backup Server or Proxmox Mail Gateway since 2005. Thousands of enterprises over the world trust in our stable and scalable open source products to operate their IT infrastructure in a clear, flexible and cost-saving way. In this goals, they receive assist by partners like ITEAS IT Services from Graz. ITEAS offers individual customized business solutions like a public installer which semi-automates the installation of VE hosts. That way, Proxmox VE can be used as a work station using a Windows virtual machine and Spice/RDP for connection. This is useful for example for special manufacturing or cash solutions. At their booth, you can evaluate their solutions extensively.,

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 12


We believe that the world needs software to work perfectly. That’s why we reinvented our product from scratch and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud. Our platform combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure monitoring, IT Operations powered by AI and Digital customer experience management. It helps customers like Google, SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi/VW, BMW, Samsung and others to deliver perfect software. We work with modern software technologies like Java, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Golang, Swift.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18


With its high code quality, its liberal BSD licence and hence the free availability, FreeBSD managed to be used in many commercial products. This ranges from companies using FreeBSD as an operating system (Netflix, WhatsApp, trivago) up to companies that use FreeBSD as a basis for their software (Sony Playstation, macOS, iOS, JunOS, NetApp, Windows et others). Also in the community of open source it is used as a basis for many specialized projects like FreeNAS, OPNsense, pfSense, m0n0wall or others.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 12


Radio waves are an essential part of our world - just think about mobile internet, WiFi or television. Amateurfunk is busy using and developing this technology in a very creative way.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18


smaXtec offers a unique cloud-based health monitoring system for dairy cows. By analyzing data collected inside the cow using smart algorithms and AI applications, smaXtec helps farmers to improve animal health considerably and contributes to a more sustainable dairy industry.🐮📱

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 18

Linuxtage CTF

A CTF is a hacking contest. Its a safe, legal, and free (as in free beer) opportunity to learn about hacking or test your hacking skills.

Everyone with a computer and an internet connection is welcome. You don’t have to be present at Linuxtage - but it is more fun if you are! We welcome people with different skill levels; a curious beginner is as much welcome as an experienced person. We also embrace different skill sets and diverse backgrounds by providing different categories and levels of challenges.

You can register and access the CTF here:

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 25d

Teckids e.V.

Digital freedom for young people.

In their projects they combine informatics with many other elements such as electronics, graphics and others.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 25d


Your IT is our mission - we start up a lot for that. We accompany you with our innovative service on your way to the optimal IT infrastructure. Meanwhile our solutions are as individual and complex as you are - with the difference that in the end, you are more successful. Besides our modern technique our customers esteem the performance of our IT experts.

Can be found in Inffeldgasse 25d

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