Topic proposals for talks or workshops

Do you want to participate with a workshop or a talk, but you don’t really know what to talk about? We have compiled a list of potential topics you may work on.

Please note: This list is non-exhaustive. You may use a topic from here, but you are very welcome to propose your own topic!

General topics

  • We often are asked for more beginner-friendly topics. These may be talks as well as workshops with the focus on absolute beginners.
  • There is some demand for a kind of “Linux doctor”. At the moment we do not really have an idea how this may work, but feel free to drop us an email if you are interested in contributing!


  • Replace popular software with FOSS alternatives
  • Setup LDAP with the possibility of MFA
  • Current security flaws
    Note: If there is some very recent news that came up after our Call for proposals was closed but you still would like to talk about it, feel free to drop us an eMail. Maybe we can squeeze that in.
  • Usage of open hardware in real world
  • Home Automation & Smart Home
    • Power supply for your home
  • Self Hosting/Homelab
  • Administration & security
  • Privacy
  • Linux Desktop & Linux at daily work
  • Showcases & success stories
  • Carreers with FOSS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Backups!
  • Gimp/Inkscape/Blender
  • Git
  • Command line (sh/bash/zsh)
  • CAD
  • Mailservers on Linux

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